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Skip has spent his entire life living in Eastern NC. Originally from Goldsboro, he spent his weekends and summers in Surf City. His love for the ocean led him to UNCW where he met his wife of 34 years Valerie in 1978. They were married at Poplar Grove Plantation in 1984 and now have two children; VJ is 27 and Brian is 25.

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County Issues


Funding now stands at 75.1 million per year – an increase of over 21% since 2012, while our student population has grown about 6 %. We are committed to do all we can for every one of the 27,000+ young people in our schools.

Public Safety

This past year, we took decisive measures to address the opioid crisis, by seeking to hold those responsible and accountable for the destruction wrought on so many of our fellow citizens and their families.

Taxes & Economy

In 2017, we increased funding for the county’s core services while at the same time, maintaining the highest bond rating possible, and growing our savings account. And at the same time, we gave you, our citizens, the first property tax cut in 14 years.

Our Drinking Water

New Hanover County led the efforts to get Chemours to the table and engage our local, state and federal leaders to work together toward a solution. We were determined to get answers and we still are. Much work remains to be done, and we will keep doing all we can to ensure that we always have clean and safe water to drink.

Smart Growth

Managing growth is always tough, but it is a necessary part of our job. And this past year, we successfully partnered with the State of North Carolina to ensure that the infrastructure needed on the 421 Corridor, that has eluded us for decades, is now becoming a reality. Decisions like these are what “smart growth” is all about.


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